Pyrex glass bongs

glass bongs selection

Huge selection of scientific Pyrex and borosilicate glass bongs in our online headshop.


Oil rigs for concentrates

Amazing concentrates utensils for the perfect dabbing experience.

Colored glass pipes

colored glass pipes and bubblers

Molino glass pipes are unique pieces of art.

Stash glass jars

Molino Glass Jars

Molino Glass jars. Only the nicest and highest quality jars deserve to store your precious herbs.

Organic glass cleaner

Organic Bio Glass Cleaner

100% organic biodegradable glass and multi purpose cleaner. No brush needed, just soaking and let the cleaner do its job. Very economical in use.

Rolling papers & blunts

rolling papers raw

Get to the point and roll another joint! In our head shop we offer selected rolling papers and blunts from the best brands. Raw, Royal Blunts, Juicy Jay, Elements and more.


t-shirt molino glass

All Molino T-shirts come with a secret stash pocket.



World’s best vaporizer – Aromed, made in Germany!