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Pyrex Glass Bongs

glass bongs selection

Huge selection of hand crafted Pyrex glass bongs. Highest quality, unique designs, great function at a reasonable price.


Oil rigs for concentrates

All products you need for dabbing concentrates. Bongs, oil domes, concentrate adapters, Pyrex glass nails, dabbers and more.

Colored Pipes & Bubblers

colored glass pipes and bubblers

Hand blown colored glass pipes, color changing glass pipes and bubblers. Thick and heavy, outstanding color combinations and made with great craftsmanship. Built to last forever.

Colored Pipes & Bubblers

Molino Glass Jars

Only the best glass jars are good enough for your precious herbs. All stash jars come with a natural cork for perfect storage conditions.

Rolling Papers & Blunts

rolling papers raw

Get to the point and roll another joint! In our head shop we offer selected rolling papers and blunts from the best brands. Raw, Royal Blunts, Juicy Jay, Elements and more.



Selected high quality vaporizers. The healthier way to enjoy active herbal ingredients.


t-shirt molino glass

All Molino T-shirts come with a secret stash pocket.

Bio Glass Cleaner

Organic Bio Glass Cleaner

100% organic biodegradable glass and multi purpose cleaner. No brush needed, just soaking and let the cleaner do its job. Very economical in use.

Aesthetic and High Quality Glass Bongs from Molino Glass

Bongs have a long history dating back to centuries of use in Thailand and Laos. A Bong can be described as an apparatus or filtrations device by smokers of tobacco or many herbal substances. Bongs are seen as the best way to enjoy the smoking experience as they ensure a cleaner and tastier smoke.

Typically Bongs are made of glass or acrylic though they may be made of other materials also. Similar to hookah, the Bong has a large open pipe that leads to a water chamber that has another inlet to draw the smoke in. Drawing the smoke through water is intended for filtering ash and carcinogens while also helping in cooling the smoke. The idea is to make the smoke devoid of harmful elements by filtering it through the water in the chamber inside the Bong. Thus the Bong way of smoking is considered less harmful.

The shape and structure of Bong

Bong is more portable than a hookah and made of air and water tight material. It consists of a bowl and stem that when used guides the air downwards towards the bottom of the water and sends it as bubbles upwards. At a level above the water in the Bong, a hole called ‘kickhole’ is present which is closed during smoking. It is left open for allowing the smoke to enable it to be drawn into the lungs of the smoker. The effectiveness of toxicant removal depends on the smokes water contact area. The taste of the smoke is related to the measurement of the water chamber and the mouthpiece.

Glass Bongs

Glass Bongs are usually made of Borosilicate glass after undergoing tests for thickness and quality. They are further tempered to make the Bongs tension free. Glass is considered ideal for bongs as they are both aesthetically and functionally better than other materials. They allow the user the see the clarity of water in it. Filling the chamber with smoke in one go maximises the potential of the bong. If not, the next hit can taste stale. It is therefore advisable not to use too wide a mouthpiece and a chamber with a large diameter in keeping with the users’ lung capacity.

Molino glass – The Bong Manufacturer

The Swiss-founded company Molino Glass stands out as a specialist in the manufacturing and retail distribution of exceptional quality products like Pyrex Glass Bongs and related accessories. Their range of products is widely acclaimed as being highly innovative in the field of making bongs. Their dedicated glass artists constantly turn out highly creative pieces for bong enthusiasts all over the world.

Some examples of their high quality bongs are Angry Bird Mini Bong, Bachelor Bong, Bubbelito Bubbler Bong, Bully Bong, Donut Glass Bong and Donut Mini Bong. Accessories include Classic beaker, Bubbelito Adopter/Diffuser, Flower Glass Screen and more.

Choosing a bong is based on personal experience as the variety is much large. With the advancement in glass manufacturing techniques, the bong designs keep evolving. The glass bongs score higher in preference worldwide as they are seen as pieces of art in addition to their utility value.